Southeastern Chimney Works Services start with a conversation with our customers.  We listen to whether you will be keeping your existing configuration or modifying to a new one, how much wood you typically burn in a year, if you’ve heard any animals and if any part of the roof is of concern. Chimney Sweep - Southeastern Chimney Works

A quote for service means we perform an inspection at your home first to outline what’s needed and provide customers with a follow-up service plan (if needed). Accordingly, our service calls can range from $89 to $129 depending on several variables including accessibility of the fire unit itself. This is considered a Level I Inspection by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).

This inspection is recommended when the chimney and venting system is generally accessible and when the homeowner is planning to maintain its current use. In general, this is the level of inspection performed in most homes. In a Level I inspection a certified chimney sweep verifies that the chimney structure is sound and that the chimney is free of obstructions and combustible deposits, such as creosote.

After our initial inspection, we sweep the chimney and write an inspection report with photos which will be sent to you within a week of the inspection. If we find there is a need for repairs, our inspection report will give you details on what is needed for parts and service and provide an estimate so you can make an informed decision before any additional work begins.

Chimney sweeps provide an essential service for all fireplace owners, particularly those with wood burning heaters. While some chimney maintenance can be done by the homeowner, it is vital to have a professional chimney sweep inspect and clean the chimney at least once a year.  Regular professional cleaning is important in the prevention of chimney fires which are usually caused by the build-up of a creosote on the chimney lining or from nesting materials from squirrels, birds and raccoons. We encourage you to read more about What to Expect from a Chimney Sweep.

According to the latest statistics published in July 2017 by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 361,500 residential fires in the 50 states were related to chimneys, fireplaces, woodstoves and other solid fuel appliances in 2014. These are fires that may possibly have been prevented with regular chimney inspection, cleaning and repair.

Level II Inspection: $199-229

The addition of a new home heating appliance or a change in the type of fuel a homeowner is burning requires a Level II inspection. This inspection level is also required upon the sale or transfer of a property or after an operating malfunction or external event that is likely to have caused damage to the chimney. The scope of a Level II inspection includes that of the Level I inspection plus the inspection of accessible portions of the attics, crawl spaces and basements. It may also include a performance test such as a smoke test or a pressure test and possibly an interior chimney video inspection if recommended by the certified chimney sweep.

Level III Inspection: $349-379

When a Level I or Level II inspection suggests a hidden hazard and the evaluation cannot be performed without access to concealed areas, a Level III inspection is recommended. This type of inspection confirms the proper construction and condition of concealed portions of the chimney structure and the flue. Level III inspections are generally necessary when investigating an incident that has caused damage to a chimney or building, or where a hazard is detected and suspected.

Both the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fire Protection Association recommend yearly chimney inspections to help prevent fire and carbon monoxide poisonings.

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